Build where I can add my own add-on sources

I’ve used Digzz Xenon builds for years now. I used to be able to install sources other than those that come with Xenon. Starting a while ago there is no way to add my favorite add-ons. Each update removes and replaces those that were pre-installed! It keeps changing, and not with the add-ons I want. I’m fed up with that limitation.
I’m using the debrid version (Xenon Plus) and would prefer a build that also is debrid only.

Any suggestions?

Do you not use the utility in Diggz to save data … favorites etc ?? I update and it just takes existing repositories and addons over to the new updated build.

Mine. Skeleton Crew build. Just have to navigate through the menu and add shortcuts to the home menu.

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The only repositories that function are the ones that are pre-installed. I’ve gone through the steps to add new sources but, in the end, they do not function. If you go to Configure them, the info at the top right says it’s not allowed.

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I’ve never had that problem before, and sounds out of my depth. Hopefully one of the other guys can help.

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This is why you use addons and not pre installed builds

They are pre-installed ADDONS in the very very popular Xenon BUILD, that pre-loaded only those addons the author allows.

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Yes i know.

Builds are going to have limitations. You shoud use @Jayhawks659 build as he mentioned already above which allows for addons being added.

Sounds like you haven’t enabled unknown sources in settings. I never have any problems installing addons in any builds .

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I’ve been able to add The Crew Wizard into my Xenon FREE build. I’ve added to this build global Real-Debrid and TRAKT, and it’s behaving very well, so far.
I see your Skeleton Crew (v1.2) is of the choices in The Crew Wizard. I’ll be sure to test it once I’m done playing with the “enhanced” Xenon FREE build.


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I think you posted this to me by mistake, I don’t use kodi at all.

Yes, you were included in the discussion with me…

Lol. That’s just because I contributed a link to the Skeleton crew as I had it at hand, not because I know anything about Kodi or contributed any information other than a link, personally I can’t stand it.

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