Brave Browser - won’t open

I installed Brave Browser on Firestick 4K. It begins to open and then closes to the Firestick Home Screen. Tried deleting and doing a cold reinstall. Same problem. Any suggestions??? :weary:

Might be running out of storage. You need at least 1.3 gb free space but more the better.


Haven’t used my cube in a while but I remember you have to make sure the version you pick has to have the right architecture so sometimes I had to use an older version. Apkpure has many variants. This one should work


Thanks! That worked. Still a small problem. I’m using Mouse Toggle but can’t scroll down pages. Any ideas.

I’ve got the free space. See below,

I thought you could scroll with mouse toggle on by pressing the 2 purple buttons. Not sure cause I used a wechip airmouse.

Maybe try directional keypad up and down without mouse toggle.

Thanks for the second time. It works but Brave is slooow and clunky. Guess I’ll just use Silk!

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Just use the Mouse Toggle to navigate on the page. If you wish to scroll you need to disenable the Mouse Toggle and use the on screen mouse.

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