Bluestacks installation/ on pc

I’m not tech savvy, so I had trouble understanding how to put bluestacks on my pc. I have HP Pavillion x360. I would like to be able to use downloader and add my other services. Do you have another tutorial for someone like.(not tsavvy)
Thank You

Hi @AlexE
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I assume by your question that you have viewed this tutorial?:

I am unaware of any other tutorials, but you can certainly try a web search.

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everything i own besides my firestick is apple. I can not install this app. i want to get the get the premium package for tivimate. i have tried to get on the google play,but to no avail. any help appreciated i want to use it on my firestick

You can find lots of vids, info, and assistance to install Tivimate on your firestick. If you want the Tivimate companion app then surely you have a friend or family member that has an Android phone who could assist you. I’m sorry you’re all apple but there isn’t anything I can do about the fact that Tivimate is an Android app.

Thank u as always I appreciate your responses, so since I own all apple is it worth it for me to get a tablet? I thought about it and wasn’t sure if I could jailbreak it like a firestick

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Since you are primarily using the Apple universe, I would consider an iPad.
If you want to learn a different universe, try out the Firestick and a Amazon tablet.

Thanks I already have a few fire sticks and know my way around them them. I would like to get the tablet while on sale if is similar to the firestick where I can jailbreak it and take it with me when traveling?

i have the samsung a7 tablet and everything works great on it,tons of apk and my iptv on it and i use it on the road often

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