Block Amazon update -

Installed TDUK update blocker apk. Seems to be version 1.1 of the blocker. Ran it. Tested it on my gen 2 fire cube running and seems to be blocking the updates.

Am confused because the tutorial on troypoint implies that is too new an OS to block updates. But here we are and the TDUK tool works.

Well I have and the update blocker doesn’t block updates on my Max. Not sure where you’re getting the 1.1 number but the TDUK Unified Debloat Toolbox is Version 5.

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It’s not the unified debloat tool. The UPDATE BLOCKER just uninstalls the automatic software that is downloaded. That’s it. It’s a TDUK tool like the debloat tool but simpler. Search for it on TDUK web site.

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What is it then? This is great news if you can block updates as noone else can.

Following this one to see where it goes.


TDUK FireOS Update Blocker | TechDoctorUK

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No idea I haven’t found v1.1 yet

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Excellent. So the one from 2020 seems to be the correct one, but as far as I know, this older blocker did not work on the

I still have a 4k at FireOS so I’m testing. Still haven’t found a Launcher Manager that allows me to switch launchers.

Ya it worked on those older versions but I doubt it works on the latest, and I’m not going yo go through uninstalling the unified debloat toolbox, just yo find out it foesn’t work.

If you factory reset a Max, what is the earliest version you can get it back to?

Not sure what version a factory reset would do on my Max.

My dumb Firestick question of the day is: what version of FireOS will allow Launcher Manager to turn off the stock Amazon launcher?

I just tried everything I could think of with the FireOS 6. I thought for sure it would work, and nothing. What is the purpose of blocking updates if it doesn’t still allow us to customize the stick the way we used to?

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That’s why I say it doesn’t work. Amazon made certain base component modules “Protected”, and short of rooting the stick you can no longer modify those components code. However, while we can no longer update we can still turn off some components to limit data adding.

@Jayhawks659 said he was fixing his buddy’s stick and all it took was for him to download Launcher Manager 1.1.6 (1.0.4 is in Troy’s Toolbox). How did they block the “protected” parts so that it will still work?

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Think this is what he might he referring to.


Hopevthe vid gives better details cause there aren’t any typed instructions.

Yeah…not a perfect solution for sure.

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Fire OS 7 version with build number PS7273/2622 (rolling out to Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, and 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube.)
Fire OS 6 version with build number PS6287/3768 (rolling out to Fire TV Stick 4K, 3rd-gen Fire TV, and 1st-gen Fire TV Cube.)

I guess that answers my question. Jayhawk said the one he was working on was, which is right before the that destroyed everything. I guess having these versions is like a rare Honus Wagner baseball card. So silly.

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