Block Amazon System Updates

This is still speculation. If/when these updates start blocking apps I’m sure it’ll be posted all over here. As stated above, unless things stop working or there is a feature you really need to have, you don’t need to update.


Thanks @Jayhawks659 ill update my father in-laws just so it’s running smoother. It’s currently running 4.6.2 ( I think ) so wont hurt to update it.

Okay yeah, that’s pretty old lol. But with each newer system update seems to come more bloatware and changes to the UI. If you use a custom launcher then I’m not sure doing an Amazon system update will make things run any quicker. I guess it’s possible though.

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When you reset to factory settings isn’t one of the first thing it does is go get updates?
I can’t recall what a brand new Stick does but I thought one of the things was to go get updates as part of the Setup.
Thanks for the WARNING tho.
I’m just not sure I’m ready to block updates, but it sure sounds like a good thing to consider.

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You’re probably right. The initial setup requires you to add an account. I was thinking about running apps without being connected to the internet by going through the settings menu. But you do need to add an account first.

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Or you can just drop amazon fire stick and stuff completely:)


Welcome to our community!

People will always buy Amazon products and there will always be workarounds.

Sure we could drop those products but android could also do the same thing.

It’s a big market and as I said along as there is workarounds it’s always worth a try. The problem is as they get harder the average person may not be able to do it. Which is why we have guides. Troypoint always manages to insure workarounds with pictures and videos. All the people need is patience and understanding.


I understand that and that was just a friendly suggestion. What I don’t understand is why make life harder than it’s already is? 50% of all the issues with cord-cutters related to Amazon products. Anyway, like I said, friendly suggestion. It’s a free country, if people want have problems, that’s their choice.


I don’t know why you took it as hostel. I don’t disagree with you. But cord cutting regardless of what you use comes with its own levels of challenges whether it be Amazon or even legal issues.

I respect your opinion and what you said. I personally don’t like Amazon products, but I won’t tell someone not to buy it. But this is why troypoint has the videos and the guides to make it just a bit easier on folks to use the products.

Again not being rude. I respect what you said. I’m just making a counter point to what you said.


Nothing wrong with the FS, you just need to learn what to do to use it effectively. Quite easy imho, but then I’ve been at this for a while.

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I am unable to enter an IP address on my Fire TV when I go to settings, My Fire Tv About Network

I might add, it is a Fire Stick 2nd Generation,
I have the Fire OS Blocker downloaded . It spins when making sure Debugging is enabled, so I disabled the debugging, it takes me to the TechDoctoruk site but when I click on Block or unblock or status, it tells me it is nit connected to Fire Tv.

Help please.

If I understand you correctly you have installed the Amazon update blocker from TDUK. Your next step is to go into “settings>my fire tv> about>network” and write down your IP Address.
Now back all the way out of settings and click on “update Blocker”. Now to the left of the “connect” button is a line, and that is where you enter the IP Address that you wrote down. Now click the “connect” button and it will take you to the next screen. Here is where you click on “Block” to do just that, block the Amazon updates. This is also where you return to to “unblock” the Amazon updates when and if you want to update your device. Once you click “block” another window opens with the entries made to disable the Amazon updates and down the lower left you will see Success
kara:/ $
kara:/ $
You’re done. You can click the return button and click the “check status” button if you like or go back into “my fire tv>about>check for updates” and click on it and if it’s running properly you will get an “Update Error”. That’s all folks.


This worked perfectly on my newer firestick, however when I type in the Network IP address from my second firestick, it continues to say it is not connected to the network. I have tried going into the developer option and take the ABD debugging off and again I tried to have the ADB debugging on, neither one helps.
Any suggestions?
I’m stuck one again.

Thank you so much
Linda Chrysler

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What operating system version is on your second firestick? If it is OS6 or OS7 just use the debloat or update blocker apps. If it is an older OS then you’ll need to use the ADB Shell commands. You aren’t trying to use the same IP address from the first firestick on the second firestick are you?


Thanks Jayhawks659, I used the TechDoctorUK that you suggested and it worked fine. My question now is, I’m probably going to get a Firestick 4K Max very soon and will I need to do this with that version as well?

Up to you. You don’t have to do anything. It’s all speculation on if/when Amazon starts blocking stuff. Once they push an update there’s probably no going back though.

That being said, I did discover a way to bypass the automatic update when you register a new device. So if Amazon ever does get to the point of blocking stuff via pushing system updates you will be able to do a factory reset on an older device and bypass the update when you register it again.

  1. Turn on your mobile hotspot on your phone.
  2. Get to the part where you connect to a network and connect to your hotspot.
  3. As soon as it says “getting updates” disconnect your hotspot.
  4. On the next page that says network error, hold down the back and menu buttons at the same time for a couple seconds to enter VoiceView mode.
  5. Push the back button to exit VoiceView mode (with your hotspot still disconnected).
  6. You should now be at the registration page. Go ahead and enter your Amazon credentials and turn your hotspot back on to connect.
  7. As soon as your account registers and you get to the home page, proceed to use your preferred method of blocking system updates.

Thanks, Jayhawk. Given that, I will l probably block updates and keep an eye out for what the new updates involve via Troypoint.

This is why I refuse to buy another firestick.
I’m saving up for something better where I can download content to even if just a flash drive.