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I was using my Lenovo Yoga windows laptop earlier, I did not shut it down just closed the lid. I went to use it, opened the lid, keyboard is lit but display screen is black. Nothing brings up the display. Ctl alt del does nothing, holding the power button does nothing.
This actually happened on my HP windows 10 laptop a month ago, same thing, black screen and options to shutdown did not work. I had to leave it unplugged until the battery was dead so it would shut down. Can anyone help me. How else can I shut it down. Unfortunately no batteries to remove on the new laptops so I cannot do that. My HP laptop, when the battery ran down overnight started up with no problems in the morning when I plugged it in.


Repeat that process.

Or take the battery out unplug it let it sit for a but plug it in without the battery.

I mentioned that in my post. New laptops there is no battery to remove unless you open the laptop out and then disconnect from mother board.


Strange, I haven’t bought a laptop in awhile but you can typically remove without having to unscrew.

Unfortunately this might be the only way. The only other suggestion is your GPU is overheated. Or the pc is under heavy load or the monitor connection to the laptop where it folds is lose or damaged.

Taking the battery out and pluging in is the first step of this solution.

Please have a look at new laptops. There are no removable batteries now. And you void the warranty if you open them up. Both laptops I have are 6mth and 1 mth old. It is strange it happened on both…exactly the same thing with clt alt del and holding power button not working. Maybe it is “new” windows problem. as it happened on both HP and Lenovo. I only bought the lenovo Yoga because I needed a computer it to do research to fix my other laptop Geez :slight_smile: anyway thanks for getting back to me appreciate it.

Hi Dracoo, I think you are probably correct about the overheating. I gave up trying to get it to work so moved it to the coffee table. 40 mins later the screen lit up.
The laptop had been sitting on the arm of the chair when I was not using it for a few hours and it was on. This would make sense why it happened to both different makes of laptop. Other laptop was also sitting, turned on, on the same arm of the chair which would cover the vent on t
e bottom. Thanks …I would not have thought of that if you had not mentioned it.


Never block heat vents. If the computer can’t vent heat or cool it will shutdown and not run till its cool.

It’s a safety measure to avoid damage.

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