Beware Surfshark renewal

Personally, I’ve always used IPVanish and have had 0 problems with them. And, now they have a free VPN indicator dot in their settings menu.

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While this may be true, I think the point being made is that stopping auto renewal is not something the supplier makes obvious, or easy, and often requires making actual contact with customer service in order to find out how to turn it off.

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I think all these vpn crowd are the same , if you pay with a credit card its sooo difficult to stop them recharging , lucky you paid with PP …and you can make a a complaint there

Using PP you can also remove your linked card. I do that after every transaction with anyone. My CC is ONLY active during the actual process of ordering. Once it is completed. I remove my card.

I was able to cancel auto-pay in SurfShark via PayPal and move it to inactive status

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Hi, I did not know that. But anyway I used a virtual credit card when I signed up for surf shark. And set the virtual card up for a one time use. So they will not be able to use that card again. Period. Also if the card was not set to a one time use. I can go into my virtual card account and just cancel the card. End of story. I logged onto my surf shark account to check this. They have a pay pal link that they want me to click on to sign up for auto renew thru pay pal. Not going to happen. Thanks for the information.

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I signed up for 3 yrs and went in and turned off auto renewal with no problem. That was about 6 mo ago. Maybe its just the 2 yr sub.

Very much appreciated info. I put a high value on TP referrals, but yes the devil is in the details. I’m very happy w/ what SS offers in its VPN, but it does annoy me when company’s trY to ,what I call ,penny wise n dollar foolish BS. I think i got bout 18 mo. Left but will keep an eye on the GOOD VPN discounts. What Co’s don’t count on is that people will drop them like a hot potatoe when they play that BS. THANX again for that input. Why I love this forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Like that virtual card thing. Can that be done with a debit card also ???

Hi mrpink, You setup an account with privacy. Web site. And your account is attached to your banking account. And you can create I think its 10 cards per month, for the free account. I use it all the time. You can make the virtual cards a one time use. Or you can set up the virtual cards the way you want to, Hope this helps you. Also you can close the virtual card or cards any time you want. This stops companies from automatic billing you if you don’t want them to. Have a nice day.

Really appreciate that, I’m gonna have a go at it. Thanx mucho

You Welcome

You are absolutely right. They make it as difficult as possible to bail. Anytime i have that issue I just email the support team and cancel that way, which also provides you with proof in case of another lame attempt to deny your request.

I only yse the monthly plan. I know I pay more but if you yse the 2 year plan and find a better deal down the road or have issues like above you have no recorse byt to wait out your plan. I can xancel at any time. How long before another VPN cones along and this one is in the history book.

worked like a charm for me!!

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A bit off the topic but I just received an iPhone notification that my SS password has appeared in a data leak and I should immediately change its password. Not at all sure how that could happen. Maybe BS? Just fyi

If you purchased the upgrade plan for Surfshark it comes with Surfshark Alert which will tell you if your personal data is leaked. That is probably what this is.

Puzzling is that my Surfshark password is completely unique, one I don’t reuse anywhere. How could it leak? It was as Apple notification. I changed my SS password to be safe.

Get ExpressVPN and be done with that trash service known as Surfshark.


Also beware, Surfshark has been blocking users with no explanation of why and no refund is possible per their support team! What a bunch of BS!