Best Kodi Addon for streaming live NHL hockey games

Which is the best App for streaming live NHL games during the regular season and playoffs? Looking for choice of announcers like Home/Away as well.

Your best option is a paid tv service Verified or unverified with a player like Tivimate. You can get local channels from all over the country and give you the option of watching the home or away feeds. NHL channel on most services also. Hope this helps and welcome to the Insider, Kodi with Tv very unreliable.

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The best option is an IPTV service that has major sports included (which is most of them). Otherwise, you can try The Crew Addon. The Crew Sports is iffy a lot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. A lot of posters here use Mad Titan Sports, The Loop, or others I can’t remember at the moment. But they all are the same as far reliability. This is why I subscribe to an IPTV service for my sports packages.

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