Best Android box for $100.00

I’m looking to replace my Firestick 2ND GEN in order to have storage to save tv shows and movies, any suggestions on boxes for 100.00? or should I spend the 200.00? on a Buzz ?
Thanks, JH

Just my opinion but a box I think is great but doesnt get much mention is the Ugoos X4pro. You can usually find it alliexpress under $100. 4 gigs ram, 32 gb storage or 64 with the plus version. Amlogic 905x4, android 11 with root switch built in. Super powerfull in a tiny box.
Ugoos - Smart TV Box / Mini PC Factory

My second would be either the mecool km6 or km2


I second @TXRon, Ugoos fly’s under the radar, but are solid devices with great specs. Can’t go wrong.


Try the Walmart ONN box, cost $19.88. You must install USB storage. Requires an OTG cable and USB drive. Troy provides a tutorial how to install the ONN.


Why must you install USB storage ??

no need unless you add lotsa apps

edit…or want to record. I use the onn boxes for tivimate only.

And truth be told…I installed an emby server on the onn box just to see if it would work and it actually did and I was able to send ota channels to emby clients on my lan :grimacing:… Wouldnt want to keep that cause I figured it would kill the little box in the long run :rofl:

Roger that…so i’m good to go…

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yeah…i’m good…i just watch-no recording-no downloading…i do like my onn box alot…am having a new problem with Smarters player but this isnt right area so off to maybe create a new one

best fix for smarters is tivimate :sunglasses:

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yeah…i been kinda thinkin that too, but the paid version not free, correct?

With paid you get multiple playlist and all the bells and whistles… not sure of cost, ive had it since it was new and got in early but I think its around 25 bucks lifetime 5 accounts

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