Beetv apk subtitles not working without titan video player

Ive had beetv for a couple of years now and ever since it isnt having u install the titan video player when u originally download it like it used to i can no longer select the option to play with subtitles. I got a new phone and downloaded the beetv apk file and it didnt recommend the titan video player and i can not find the titan video player on the play store just by searching for it. Can someone please tell me how to get my subtitles working again.

If you do an internet search you will find dozens of sites hosting the Titan Player APK. gl2u

I will tell you what I do when it comes to BeeTV or Cinema HD. And this also eliminates the annoying ads.
After I choose a link I choose the ‘copy to clipboard’ option. Then I go to MX player pro and open that up and play the video through MX player pro. It will say video link detected just hit play now.
If you do not see the screen that says ‘video link detected play now’, click on the three dots on the right hand upper corner and choose Network stream

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