Bee TV problems

Bee TV is great for accessing movies and TV shows but is a major pain to use.

  1. The animated ads work ok but when there is single screen ad (Simply Safe) I cannot clear the screen, Tried every button - just get unsupported link. The X does not work. I have to go into Sire settings and force stop and relaunch program

  2. Over half the time when going from 1 episode to another Bee TV freezes when searching for providers - I have to go out of the program and relaunch it and start the search all over.

  3. Sometimes Bee TV will not load from the Home screen - just a black screen. Once again I have to go to settings and force stop and reload.

If anyone has a solution to these problems please let me know.

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You need a bluetooth mouse or if your device is setup for flashdrives then a reg mouse… or youll need to switch to an add-free app (if buying a mouse the best is a mini kyboard/mouse combo under $15)


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