Aurora Store App Won’t Open

Hello all! I’m using FireCube with my Samsung SmartTV and NordVPN. I downloaded Aurora Store specifically to use the Screener Passport app. I downloaded and installed it successfully. A pop-up box said “Ready to launch! Launch now” (by clicking the button with 3 lines). Alas, it seemed to start, but the screen was black and then it promptly kicked me out back to the download page. There’s a big bar at the bottom saying OPEN, but when I click on it nothing happens. It says the app requires GSF, maybe that’s the issue? Sort of at my wits end, open to all suggestions on how to get this app to work.

I think you are trying to open Google Play services(GFS) on a FireTV OS which is Amazon App store. So if it is a FireTV compatible app then search for the APK in the App Store. Now from my brief sorty into “passport” I see “Android” but not FireTV, but on a good note, there is an entire site you can access for help in achieving your goal. From what I see you will access it through the silk browser.

I have absolutely no clue about this app, but I did find it on the Play Store.

Screener Passport - Apps on Google Play

me neither, But as far as aurora store I have no issues with it but I rarely ever use it.

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