Aurora app failure

Unable to download Aurora either with Downloader or RAI. Starts to download for a couple of seconds than stops. Any ideas?


On the rai, after downloading you should see a orange circle, click that. If it still fails check your storage.

Thanks. I have a Amazon fire tv I bought recently. Showing approx. 6 gig of memory out of approx. 11 gig available.

The arrow pointing to the right which I think your refering to never appears. Reverts back to the downfacing arrow.

I just tried to download Aurora on a different tv with a firestick 4K. Same failure.

Do you have to go into settings and enable install of unknown apps for the RAI?

Aptoide installs on both devices.

Done that. Have had no problems with any installs on RAI except for Aurora. Kodi good, Sideloader good, etc.

Following the troypoint video for aurora using downloader I end up with an error saying. Error: Forbidden. Try using https if you used http. Troypoint vid shows to use: So I use, still results in failure.

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