Atmos using a 1080 projector

Will Atmos sound work work through a 1080 HD projector from a atmos capable receiver using Kodi passthrough ? I heard it’s has to be a 4K projector ? Im using Nvidia Sheild pro .

Why would you have any sound at all going to a projector? Atmos is spatial audio. If you have a receiver then use your speakers as normal. If you play a 4K stream from Kodi the audio should come through but your projector is still going to output 1080. Any sound to the projector would be carried through the HDMI cable but it wouldn’t be included in your speakers array for the surround sound.

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Yes, what @Jayhawks659 said - :rofl: -

Atmos is a newer 3D sound codec that Dolby released in 2012.

Perhaps the reference to 4K projectors was merely implied that newer projectors (I’m guessing your 1080p projector is older) would have the capability to pass through Atmos to sound bars or a AVR and have eArc abilities.

I never understood why one would pass through that way as the cleaner way would be Shield → AVR - > Speaker Separates & Projector. The Shield would handle the Atmos decoding and pass the decoded track to your AVR.

Atmos, as I have mentioned in several posts before, is still contingent on proper speaker placement and number of speakers installed, optimized room landscape requirements, and of course…proper codec decoding and appropriate source material.

I was just told when surfing to web that you had to have a 4K tv to get atoms sound . I didn’t think that sounded right ether .

What was probably meant is that the stream or source has to be a 4K video file, which is true. You won’t see Atmos audio tracks in a 1080 video file.

And you may see newer 4K projectors advertising being compatible with Dolby Atmos. As stated above, it’s all about speaker placement. The rest is just marketing gimmicks.

I can tell you that I have a unique setup in my house. I have an open living space with a 4K TV on one wall and a 1080p 120" projector on the opposite wall. I can output to both at the same time with my AVR. The projector is just going to use 1080 instead of 4K. And I also use a shield pro.

I just wanted to make sure before I go out ant buy a atmos receiver . Thanks for all your help guys .