Are There Any Known Issues With Kodi 19.3?

Should I update to 19.3? Are there known issues?




I’m running 19.3 in linux as well as Android. So far haven’t come across any insurmountable issues, at least not yet.

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Newly installed Kodi 19.3
Troypoint Supercharge Guide installation
Streaming device: Amazon Fire Stick 4k.

The initial set up path address is different from TroyPoint video guide; input updated address path but noticed through the installation the zip file used appeared to use “diggz” rather than “grump repo” and although I completed the step by step guide, afterwards I experienced multiple issues with the restart and program updates; and Kodi woud not launch or and when it did it would freeze and I noticed that the Fire Stick 4k menu of apps on the home page were no longer visible and although after re-starting the Fire Stick apps would temporarily reappear and work except during activation of Kodi then the issues would repeat.

Please help.



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