Are M3U URL’s Bad?

My IPTV Provider just recently stopped supporting M3U URL’s. I had my Tivimate set-up using this and it stopped working. When I reached out to customer support they told me they stopped supporting it because it’s “heavily leaked and causes more harm than good”. I’m just curious if this is widely seen the same way or not? I had always thought it was very commonly used along with xtreme codes.

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A lot of providers have stopped supporting M3U files. Mainly due to the information that is contained in them when you open it using a text editor.

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Can a text editor glean the same info from an xtreme code?

A lot of them stopped giving a URL for that as well. They have started to develop customized versions of players like IPTV Smarters where you only put in your username and password. Somewhere hidden within the app is the URL address.



I have seen that. Used one not long ago. Was a iptv smarters clone but with there own stuff in it.

I wonder if that’s the route they will take.

I tried using IPTV Smarters Pro and my login failed. I then used the the same one from my IPTV provider and I was able to login. FYI: The provider is evolveiptv, I just started using, so if anyone else used or using this, I’ll like to know your experience with it. Seems to be okay at the moment, but it’s no JC Media.

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