Apps playing in foreign languages

a lot of movies on various apps are in a foreign languages instead of English is there a way to have them play in English?

Not to be too critical but the answer to a question like this, is dependent on information you didn’t include. What App and what device? Need those at the bare minimum please.

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I’m having this problem on several apps - Film plus, Cinema HD, CyberFlix, Tea TV, Movie HD - it’s not this way all the movies just certain movies
and I’m using a superbox android device

As long as you set up your superbox to English, then personally for any of your apps that are misbehaving I would use VLC as your player and in VLC you can set language preferences. Other apps maybe able to as well. I prefer to reduce my app footprint and use a single app for vids and movies. I use Stremio but others use Kodi. Both of which provide you with a greater selection of options.

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As stated above, it’s all personal preference. But I know for sure this can be prevented in Kodi. I explain how in this video.


This maybe very helpful - setting up new ShieldPro today and I sometimes had some problems with Kodi w Real Debrid giving me non English options for shows (I have been watching footy for many years in foreign languages so it doesn’t bother me and as a US native I prefer it to JP Dellacamera lol)

Amazeballs :slight_smile: So much I used in your guide including finding out why I couldn’t load a few episodes (my real debrid had expired)…