Apps for windows computers and fire sticks

Why can’t we use third party apps without VPN’s? The reason that I am asking, because vpns cost money and I don’t want to give out my mom or my grandmother’s card information. Are their any apps for windows like kodi and stremio?


You can use them without vpns, but its not recommend… especially if you are trying to get movies and tv shows outside of paid services, what happens is those apks you use can be monitored by your isp and if they get traced to your ip you stsrt getting emails and letters, in extreme cases fines.

Its easer to protect yourself, identity and what you do with these apps. Modded apks and non legit apps can also steal your info easily. Having a vpn while you acces them helps prevent all these headaches.

Choice is yours. Paid apps like netflix dont worry about it. Kodi and especially stremio need a vpn for protection.

Edit: mentioned below there is free options.

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There are free VPNs available. There was a thread just yesterday or the day before about the best free VPNS. Do a search for it on this site and check out Troypoint"s list of best free VPNs.


I stand corrected. I tried the search and found no such list. I apologize for the misinformation. I did a search on the internet and the best I could find was free 3 months from Express VPN. Most other VPNs offer free trials. I would not use Kodi or Streamio, etc. without a VPN as Draco stated above.

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Proton does a free version i believe.


You weren’t wrong, and Proton was so good I bought a “Plus” subscription for 2 yrs. I also think you misunderstood @TP-Dracoo as he certainly advocates FOR a VPN when using kodi and or Stremio.

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Thanks, Miki, for finding that! Not sure how I missed it. This is one of the reasons Troypoint Insider is the absolute best streaming information site on the internet. Great information and great people providing it.


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