AppLinked Security Warning

Originally published at: AppLinked Security Warning - Stop Using This App Immediately

AppLinked is a popular app that allows for the side-loading of free streaming apps and tools onto Firesticks, Fire TVs, Android TV Boxes, phones, and tablets. AppLinked has gained popularity since the demise of FileLinked earlier this year. FileLinked provided easy access to thousands of APKs (Android installation files), with many of them offering free…


Was there any info on who the developer sold it too? That is alot of issues. Im curious if i could do a background check on the people he sold it to.

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Me too. I second that.

How do I get the tutorial for the Unlinked app? I do not see anywhere to sign up.

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Here you go


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I have Unlinked and the code to a store at 12341234. Are there any other good codes that can be reasonably be trusted?


Is there any chance you could include the logo for Applinked? Following the demise of FileLinked, providers used a number of similar apps, with similar names. Their names don’t always pop up when looking at them on Firestick. Hoping to make it easier for a few friends to uninstall if they have it. Can’t remember if I had anyone use that one or not…

Hello @sanman I just did a search for AppLinked at and here is their logo.


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THANK you. Very helpful. I’m running around like a mad thing today, you just saved me a bunch of time… MUCH appreciated!


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