Apple TV+ ads pop up and freeze youtube tv on chromecast

Keep getting ads for appletv+ which then freeze screen. Need to turn off/on tv to clear ad? Help!

Not familiar with Appletv but you can use a vpn such as Surfshark. It has ad blockers called Clean Web. There are several vpns with such features. Restart your box or even a factory reset may also help.

Already using Surfshark. Watching Youtube Tv on chromecast and this appletv+ ad pops up. No buttons on remote work and have to turn off tv to clear it.

Are you speaking of YoutubeTV paid streaming service?

yes. Streaming live tv or even netflix. stupid ad pops up

Suggestion: turn off Surfshark when watching any legal, verified streaming service (mainstream services don’t care much for VPNs) reboot your device & reboot your router to clear out all memory…reconnect to YoutubeTV without your VPN & see if that :apple: ad rears its ugly head again. When I had YoutubeTV years ago, I don’t remember any ads from them…not sure where yours is coming from. :cowboy_hat_face:

Edit: You also may want to run an app like Malwarebytes…or something like VirusTotal…

Thank you for the suggestions. Appreciate you taking the time to respond :slightly_smiling_face:

YouTube may have gone the ad route as Netflix has, so this may be happening also.

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