Apple Revoking Side Loaded Apps

Any one else having this problem and been able to prevent Apple for invading out privacy and revoking apps without our permission?

Don’t have much respect for Apple, when it comes to their willingness to make the experience “better” for the user! That is, unless it’s under their terms! They nickel and dime you to death, if you want to use apps and programs, which are approved by them! Android is a much more user friendly O.S.! There’s no reason to incorporate an Android system/apps, with a Apple system that I can see. It’s either one or the other! I’ve tried to switch to Apple, but just can’t do it!! JMHO!

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All I can say why does anyone use apple products in the first place…they’ve been ripping off their customers foe years.

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I have to give Apple credit with the way they’ve integrated their software and devices with high-end multimedia applications. For example, you’ll find most productions, like concerts, churches, Broadway type productions, use the Apple platform. The quality of the media on their phones and laptops, are arguably the best. For personal use, though, I’ll stick with Android! I have a Pixel 2, and many say that it’s camera can rival those on an iPhone. I agree with that. The Pixel also takes great videos.

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I now try to stay away from any devices with proprietary software and limited apps. ( Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire, etc.) Even Nvidia Shield has been dissapointing lately, with android tv os starting to limit the installation of apps off google playstore and sideloading is becoming a pain. Through my own experience, I’m sticking with pure android devices, which allow more freedom and flexibility for installation of apps.

if I remember correctly many years ago I was rooting my droid for freedom of the throes of big tech. I went to the all apple after a couple of years of unstable platforms. Apple was the best