Apple 4k box vs Amazon Fire Cube

I have an Apple 4K 3rd gen., Amazon Firestick 4K & Amazon Fire Cube. Anyone know why my Apple 4K puts out a brighter picture (never buffers) plus the quality of the picture is so much better then the Amazon devices? I am unable to do side loading on the Apple device, otherwise I would get rid of both Amazon devices.

That’s why, it’s a locked down system. You’re probably using paid apps. Can’t side load anything. Either way the cube should have as good a picture as the Apple. Try adjusting it.

Only paid app, ESPN+, all the rest are free apps on Apple device. How can I adjust Ama,on Fire Cube? I followed TROYPOINT on setup and jailbreak. I do have Real-Debrid & Surfshark on Amazon devices but not on Apple 4K, unable to side load. I am open for suggestions. The difference between the two are literally night and day for the picture quality.

Apple streaming devices are top notch as far as quality goes and always at the top of ranking charts however not very versatile.

The apple devices,much like roku,are locked down systems.No way to side load that I am aware of.If picture quality is a priority then I would suggest the nvidia shield pro.Android system and can side load.

I did play with the settings for picture quality and some improvement was made. Thanks for your suggestion.

Apple products always have had quite high quality pictures on their devices. Too bad they lock them down.