APKs asking for opensubtitles login

I’ve noticed that Cinema and Titanium and Morph etc… are all recently asking for opensubtitles.org login to access subtitles… but there’s nowhere to enter the login info like there is in Kodi … Am I missing something?

I recently noticed the same thing. I figured out the following solution. Assuming you are using Cinema and MXPlayer, start the movie, click the menu dropdown, subtitle, Online subtitles, search. in the “Get subtitles online” dialog box select “opensubtitles.org” link. Once on that site you can log in to your account. After that, searches happen automatically. I seems to stay persistent through many sessions. Hope this helps.


@Elhanan Great question! Welcome to the forum. Good tom see everyone helping others.

Welcome to the forum. Your first time posting and you hit it out of the park! Thanks for the guidance.