APK apps not streaming

I just attempted to use Cinema (among other movie apps) and they all have no season content for TV shows, or no stream links.

Just started about 1 hour ago. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

thank you

Yes I am experiencing the same thing. Nothing in typhoon either Cyberflix is the only one I found that worked.

Same here as well…As we say its good to have options

Yes I had the same problem with Cinema. And it’s currently the only one I use :frowning:

Same problem with Cinema,started last night. I down loaded Cyberflix and installed, same problem.

I’ve also been experiencing erratic performance across most APKs. Streamio is now my go to APK. It doesn’t pull down as many links as other APKs and Kodi, but it works very well when it does find links. Subtitles also work well with streamio. It’s very easy to use. If I don’t find something on streamio, I go to Kodi which has several add-ons that are working very well, especially the crew. I get many more links on Kodi with real debrid than with any APK. Subtitles also work much better on Kodi. I tolerate the tedious interface, it’s worth it to me.

I’ve been using Viva TV the last couple of days without issue. Even today, I chose a couple shows at random, and each had 10+ links. Troy’s RAI has the download if needed.

Same here with Cinema and Cyberflix. Good suggestion on Viva. I got it from Troy and it is working.

I had the same issue with Cinema AFTER accepting their latest update. I uninstalled it and reinstalled using Troypoint Rapid App installer then declined the update. Works fine now.