Anyone using HDMI CEC?

I have a nvidia shield, 55in Samsung tv, and a soundbar. Most often I do not use the sound bar because of having to use different remotes to adjust the sound level. Today I saw something about using HDMI CEC where turning on the shield, will turn on the tv and the soundbar simultaneously. The volume control on the shield will also adjust the the volume on the soundbar. I’m thinking this will be a great setup for my iptv since the nvidia remote can control everything.

Have any of you done this? If so, how did you make your connections?

I have a firestick 4K max and use hdmi cec all thw time.

What are your settings? Do you use it for a tv and a sound bar?

I enable it and have a samsung tv and soundbar. With CEC enabled I control TV, soundbar and 4K Max. Here’s for you>>


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