Anybody use Cloudflare

A friend of my said he use Cloudflare and love’s it.everything is much faster.does any body use it and do you like

Yes…I changed to it several years ago…but to be honest I don’t remember if I noticed any improvement.
Primary & Secondary DNS It was very simple to do in my router…they professed it was faster & more secure & whatnot, so I switched.

thx I found a video on this.I’ll check it out

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I switch between cloudfare and surfshark dns often. Sometimes one or the other is performing better. Right now im on cloudfare. Often when I detect buffering this is one of the few things I mess with and often it helps. In my case there isnt much more to do. My DL and UL speeds are pretty fast and not likely to be causing problems other than the isp occasional issues.

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