Android TV vs Fire TV - A Complete Breakdown for 2023


Great info and very informative. Thanks so much.
I JUST learned from a youtuber I watch who was covering the latest CES show that TIVO is coming out with their own TV Operating System. I have not delved further into research, but HEADS UP FOLKS…More players in the game! Will this be to our (IPTV enthusiasts) advantage as something to rival Fire TV and Android? I guess we shall see… lets hope that new competition works in our favor to help keep us cord free!


I think for the first-time cord cutter the Onn would be a good choice. Easy to install and can add USB storage. Price Onn 19.99 expanded about 20.00.

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If they would be available, I agree 100%.
My friend, Miki doesn’t agree, but even my techno-phobe wife likes it much more than the Fire devices we’ve had & used.

Installing adoptable (expanded) memory is about a 15 minute job, but afterward that expanded memory is available for both recording AND for more apps…extremely handy for me.

I would disagree with TP’s assetment that an entry-level Firestick would be better than an entry-level Android box with a TV OS…the shifting FS launcher intro screen is NOT intuitive for the beginner. With the Android, an app is left exactly where you left it, not shuffled bythe ‘last used’.

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The only reason I might disagree with you Elgin is all up to ease of use and setup. I also prefer a good quality picture, which the ONN is lacking in. The main half dozen apps I use are on my home screen on the top line and remain there. Other apps are easily accessed using the icons also located on the home pagge top line. It’s all up to experience and learning. Also the Max doesn’t take 15 minutes to add memory so that alone gives you an idea of your upcoming experience on those devices that take 15 minutes. It’s a good thing we all have options and none of us are identical. So get what ya want, learn, and enjoy, regardless of the OS.

I can’t say anything about picture quality comparing the Max with the ONN, I can say that there was no discernable difference between the older 4k and the ONN.

And adding memory to the Max is a lot easier , true, that added memory is not as useful as the added memory for the ONN. Having to choose between adding apps or recording football and basketball games is the deal-killer for the Max .

Nothing else that I operate takes any longer to do on the ONN than it does any Fire device that we’ve owned.

I dusagree but don’t want to get into a tit for tat. Yes the older 4k are not as good as the new Max, that’s a given. The Max outperformed the ONN in every way. That’s why I gave the ONN away. Odd for such a supposedly good device they aren’t making any more and I haven’t heard of any upgrades. They’ll go the way of the Dodo. Oh btw. The Max are back on sale. Can’t wait for the 3rd gen cube to go on sale.

It’s extremely difficult to compare picture “quality” between two devices. There are way too many variables to get a proper comparison, and most of it comes from the source. If you compare two different devices, using the same exact source (resolution, bitrate…) and same exact TV (same exact picture settings), etc, all of the devices we are talking about should be able to handle that and put a beautiful picture on the television (up to 4k resolution for most devices). With everything else equal, it becomes very subjective and we likely “see what we want to see”.

The Max has better components, better specs, there is no doubt. But if setup properly, the Onn box is marketed as a 4k capable device as well.

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That’s the thing. The ONN is decidedly lacking, not only in picture quality but ability to adjust said picture and overall specs. The tools inside are primitive imho. I am comparing the two devices on precisely the same identical setup. The ONN tools are primitive or completely lacking. I do agree The ONN is great as a beginner device for those just learning but that’s all. As I mentioned, even the supplier and manufacturer aren’t upgrading it and I haven’t seen any major updates to the device anywhere. But I’m flogging a dead horse. But I get why ppl might want this. Kids=expensive ONN=cheap so if it dies or they brick it it’s just $20. Ok. Carry ONN everyone. No sense in me flogging a dead horse. I’m out.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!

I have the Onn in my 4 year old’s room, so picture quality isn’t as important to me there. I think we are discussing (not arguing lol) more picture “performance”, and yes, I agree 100% the Max beats the $20 Onn all day and twice on Sunday in overall performance based off it’s more quality components.

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