Android TV remotes

I currently own an iPazzport KP-810-61 which is on its last legs and have been using it with some issues for a few years.
I’m looking to see what other insider users have been using in terms of the android TV remote controls and what you would recommend?

Hi @enaughto
I’ve been using the Rii i4 mini keyboard.
It has the basic features and it works just fine. The only negative I can say is that it has to buttons on the upper left and right corners that activate the pointer which sometimes get in the way of my hands. So it maybe a design flaw in my opinion, but also it’s most of the time this users issues.


The Rii remote is an excellent choice. Very responsive and reliable. The only drawback for some is the lack of illumination option for the keyboard but on the plus side, this remote won’t drain your batteries.


Im a fan of the air mouse…basically A remote with on screen pointer(cursor) and flip it over you get a keyboard. But I couldnt resist this mini bluetooth keyboard that I picked up today at wally world. It should come in handy on tivimate.


What keyboard was it

its a bare bones bluetooth mini keyboard. Ankr is the brand. I would have grabbed a onn brand right next to it but the Ankr was cheaper $17 vs the ONN about $22


I use mouse toggle for quick convenience, but when I need to do more than just mousing, I use this… NVIDIA SHIELD TV - Apps on Google Play


Wow that’s really cool, didn’t know that existed

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