Android corrupt

Had to erase my android box it got corrupted now I am missing the search - home - discover - apps on the top left corner are missing does anyone know how to get them back up there.



A full factory reset?

Hey @DRGio Go into Settings/Apps…scroll down to System Apps…click on Android TV Home…make sure it’s up & updated.


Yes i did i kept on getting a corrupt message when i turn the unit on so i did it from there

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What android o/s are you running & what kind of box?

MeCool km6 google Chromcast & Android tv Version 10

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Same box as mine & I just did a factory reset the other day. All the stuff in the top left is from the system app I mentioned. If the Android TV Home is on & set to auto update…it should give you the stuff you’re missing…check & reboot.

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When i go to android tv/home i do not have update the only toggle i have is notification & that is turned on

OK…it’s updated…you can go into playstore & click on your account button top right next to games…& it’ll show if you have auto updates on & if anything is disabled there. I’d check that out & if everything there is normal…then go to android tv home…uninstall updates, reboot & let them install again. That will also reset your home screen launcher & you’ll have to set it up again…& your apps will be out of order too…but that should bring your tv home back to normal…I hope. I disabled my tv home & turned off updates & it took what you’re missing away & gave me an Apps button next to the launcher & the show ads on top were also gone…then I rebooted & the ads came back & all went back to normal when I engaged auto update.


That work after updating everything i had to shut down and turn unit back on everything was there thanks again, since you have the km6 & a km3 i am using pd version of tivimate but i finding that on this mecool boxes i get no sound on some stations i been told it can be my mecool box this never has happen on my firestick how about you

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Glad you got it working :+1: Losing audio on everything is why I had to reset my KM6…wasn’t just TiviMate tho…it was Youtube, Kodi, Tea TV…no audio on anything at all. I concluded it was a corrupt update that I had done the nite before…I tried everything, to no avail. Dracoo pretty much concluded the same thing so I went ahead & did the infamous factory reset & reloaded everything. Other than that, I’ve never had a bit of trouble with my MeCool or TiviMate. :cowboy_hat_face: