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anyone has this device ? just want to know if members has any insight information I’m thinking of purchasing this box

Mi TV Box S 4K Ultra HD ,Android TV 9.0 HDR, Compatible for Chromecast and Google Assistant


These two links provide a matrix of top android boxes per some youtubers. i did not see the box you listed but there are plenty to choose from.

From all the reviews I read the biggest complaint was only 8G of internal memory. Small problem to overcome imho. 4.6 stars out of 5 from 9,000 reviews is great.


Great Thx thanks for the charts

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Very important that the device you are considering runs a current or recent edition of android (9.0 or better), has a quad Amlogic processor or equivalent (for good stability), at least 3-4 gbs RAM and 32 gbs of internal memory or better. The Amazon Firestick is habitually plagued with too little RAM and internal memory. Look for a box that has a root switch or is already rooted. Too much heat buildup will eventually cook your device hardware, so a good sized heat sink on the top of the processor will help disperse heat buildup. An open android operating system will allow you the most flexibility and freedom to download the apps you want. I’ve been through about 10-12 devices since taking up streaming and this is what I’ve learned.


I bought the Ugoos AM6B Plus and it is as good as advertised. Great hardware and specs, (Amlogic Quad Core processor, 4gb RAM, 32 gb internal memory) in addition to having a root switch, open android 9.0, which gives you the most freedom for loading it up with the apps you love. A great alternative to the Nvidia Shield.


I used the Mi box for over a year before upgrading to a Minix. I gave it to a friend of mine who used it for almost a year. It did start to have issues and I eventually got him a MeCool KM2. The Mi box usually gets very good ratings but like one poster said make sure it is the most current versions

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