Android 11.0 TV Box

Can anyone tell me about this box Android 11.0 TV Box, EASYTONE Smart TV Box RK3566 4-Core 64 Bits, 8GB RAM 64GB ROM Android TV Box I am done with MeCool boxes

Never heard much about it. Amazon reviews are mixed but mostly positive. Looks good, nice specs… but not always but usually I rely on name recognition or recomendations from friends and I have neither on this box…so its a toss up.


Don’t get it, its another China box it’s the same thing as the x88 pro.

My personal recommendation:

Fourmler z8/z10 pro max
Nvidia shield
4k max
Ugoos am7 ut8
Buzz 4900

Or anything on the troypoint reviews.

I haven’t yet made a topic to funnel everyone asking about streaming boxes but it’s on the to do list.


See if you can get TP to do a review on the Ugoo box. Is the one you mention their newest version?


That’s coming, he has mentioned it.

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I believe the am7 is the newest and the ut8 is the 8g beast

Aren’t most boxes come from China? I have a Minix, actually 2, and they work very well especially the UH9. My U22 has had some issues for many out there and I wouldn’t recommend it at this point. I bought a KM2 for a friend and it has worked very well for him. So, I think it has to do with the last box made on Friday that people have issues with. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just the one out of 100 that has all the issues. I do look at recoomendations from people I trust so that is your best bet. Plus the cost of mostare so cheap if I did get a dud I would just look around for a better box. It’s not like investing in a $3000 OLED TV that suddenly has problems

i have 3 X96 Max boxes w 4gb rom and 64gb storage that have worked great for yrs. running on my 5g internet,no prob’s with any of them


Yes, South and North Korea China and Japan. What I mean is there is boxes out there that are cheap and poorly built, they will be blown up with tech specs like you see on other boxes but have serious issues.

Heating issues
Freezing lag issues
Poor parts and poorly built.

Amazon has alot of that on there. I own a x88 pro and I only use stube and youtube on it, it overheats so bad the box shuts down.

Minix are top of the line, make some great mini pc’s also. And yea most electronics is from china even if they say it aint :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… some good stuff tho and a lot of trash. Minix :+1:

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Don’t forget the Ugoos AM6B Plus. It is ranked just below Nvidia Shield on benchmark tests and costs less.

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Yes. Amazon has a bunch of cheap android boxes, but they also have some good ones. The trick is to do your homework before buying! The nice thing if you can order your preferred box from Amazon, it usually ships quicker and their return policies are much better than other retailers.


Thats very true. I’ve never had an issue with amazon on a return and if and when I grab a bigger ugoos it will be thru them for that reason. I can get it cheaper on ali but longer wait and a pain to return.

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