Analiti yellow icon?

When doing a quick test using Analiti, a small yellow triangle icon appeared next to the name of my network. Anyone know what this means?

Hi @JoyG
Well, it’s an indicator light saying it’s not connected to a network. So essentially you need to connect to your network then run Analiti again.


Thank you for the reply! I am using a Fire TV Cube and the settings show I’m connected to my network. Why would Analiti show I’m not connected?

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Are you connecting your device wirelessly?
If so, another cause for the yellow triangle is Analiti thinks there is a limited connectivity or if it is having trouble connecting to a server, it just thinks there is a connectivity issue.
Sometimes, disconnecting the power from your router for 5-10 minutes then restarting it and letting it boot completely up.


Yes, I am connecting wirelessly. I will reboot my router. Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it.