Analiti Not Loading From Troypoint

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank You.

yeah, same thing happening to me, but only on my firestick. Working fine on my Mecool box, I’m baffled

Hello @Anonymous try uninstalling and then reinstalling. Something wrong with old version of the app.

Hi Troy,

I tried doing it several times to no avail. Also, how do you load the scapers for Syncler? Thank You in advance for all your sage advice.

@Anonymous the only other suggestion I can make if you uninstalled and reinstalled is to try rebooting your router. It is now working fine on my end after reinstalling.

Here is our tutorial for Syncler - How To Install & Use Syncler on Firestick and Android TV Box

I just noticed that that there was an update on 6/21/2021 when I checked the Google Play store. Why are people using Downloader and the Rapid App installer when it’s readily available there?

@richlibel65 agreed this is why I mentioned that he should be installing via Amazon App Store. Same with Google Play. BUT, our install file is always pointing at the most recent stable release of the app in RAI.