An error occurred decoderinitializationexception

I’m not sure if anyone else is getting this message on tivimate or if it is just me. It will work fine then out of the blue (screen actually turns blue) this message pops up… an error occurred decoderinitializationexception

Anyone have any clue how to fix this. I restarted my firestick, killed all tasks, double checked my internet connection and I’m still getting this after about a half hour or so.


Make sure your video decoder settings are set hw+

Looks like a playback error.

I had the same problem this last week. Dracoo helped me out with it. I changed the audio and video decoders to software and changed my media player to VLC. Don’t get those errors anymore. Audio was kind of off and change the auto delay on VLC to -150 and it fixed that. Only down side it doesn’t save it so you will have to do it every time which is inconvenient.

Setting it to hw+ is better than sw. Your visual lag is because of sw.

Also you shouldn’t need a external player with tivimate as mentioned below.

If your audio and visual is out of sync on some channels that could also be the providers issues with their sever.


Wazzup gdc…

You shouldn’t need an external player for Tivimate… & your audio & video decoder should say Hardware…

If its all channels & you’ve cleared your cache & tried unplugging for a few secs… it may be problems with your service or it has expired?

If above method doesn’t work, try resetting the device, I had the same issue, I restarted my fire stick and it worked

Where is hw+ in the tivimate app?

Hey C-dub…

There isn’t one… thats why i chimed in… if your using xternal player then you would adjust it’s hardware acceleration (hw)

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