Amzon update on Friday

I’ve been using sneakers for the last month and they seem to be good.
On their chat group on telegram, their owner posted this
Probably the worst news is on Friday as usual Amazon updated all of there products without asking their customers and it has screwed everyone. It has screwed IPTV users everywhere with every service! Eventually I’m sure someone will figure out a fix. People using other devices are not having issues. There has been a mass exodus to devices such as the Tivo and ONN Box both can be found at Walmart.

Does anybody have an idea what this is about?


Amazon sounds like it’s trying to block out iptv and generally any apps outside their service.

Probably trying to block unverified iptv from their devices as everyone uses their devices for it.

For now you can get around it. It’d just a power move. It’s why I don’t own the stick.

When only the best is an option…Einstein

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Almost forgot, no matter what you get. Turn off auto update! I turn off auto update in Play Store, Nvidia, and any app that I want to control.

When an update comes around I scan the chat groups to see what other’s think about it and proceed from there. Being able to control an update can sometimes prevent issues. This FS update is a case in point.

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Probably will block any app that doesn’t pay homage to Herr kommandant Bezos! How many dedicated buttons does he now have on the new FS remote?

I have 4k firesticjk. Under my fire tv it shows updtes but it says will automatically update. I don’t see how aut update can be turned off. Any suggestions


Probably at some point. What I see happening is the software being locked to the hardware and will not allow you to change how apps install.

Only “approved” apps. Would need to root it probably going forward. Not sure if you can root the firestick os.

@agn should be a selection to turn off auto updates.

sorry for the mispellings my arthritic fingers are not working so well this morning !!

It seems that you can install it now if you hit the update button but otherwise it will be automatically installed. I haven’t checked my other firesticks which are not 4k

Yes it is possible to root the Fire OS, giving you access to the coding and allowing you to modify various functions. That being said IT AIN’T EASY. In fact 9 out of 10 ppl that try it end up bricking their sticks. So I do not recommend that any regular user attempts it.


I might look into this more. I have a few root programs ready to go. Maybe sell some rooted sticks.

9 out of 10 is a he’ll of ratio.

How/where do you turn auto update off?

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Go to settings-applications-app store-turn off auto updates

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Is there an update coming tommorrow?

Don’t know what device you have. I have a Nvidia and I go settings>Device Preferences>About>System Upgrade>Auto Upgrade OFF.

Also, go to the Play Store. Go to Settings>Auto-update apps>Don’t auto-update apps

I would like to point out that there isn’t any easy way to turn off the Fire OS updates on your Firestick. Yes you can stop the Apps from updating via the method described but not the OS. For that you need to perform a complex series of entries using the ADB. Not for the feint of heart and not worth it imho.

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