Amazon TV Fire Stick 4 K

I have gone through 3 Amazon TV Fire Sticks 4K and found none of them were stable. The screen flickers and freezes up often.

Sorry to hear all your troubles. Mine all work fine.


Unusual. Are you using the single adapter for the hdmi port? If so, try installing without it. Or maybe try a different HDMI port if available. If it’s the same issue with all 3 sticks, I’d say it’s an issue with your TV or whatever device you’re using.


Thanks for your suggestions.

The problem I have occurs only on programs such as YouTube. It does not occur on programs such as Netflix or Hulu. Pretty weird!

Youtube was removed from amazon due to some feud however, it has recently be resolved and youtube will be returning to the amazon products.


I had a similar problem and traced it back to a specific HDMI port on the TV…I moved my Firestick to another port and the problem went away


Thanks! I think I have traced the problem to a defective female to female HDMI adapter. I will post again after I try a new one!

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This message is in response to the issue of Fire Stick screen flickers and freezes intermittently. I replaced the HDMI female to female adapter but had the same problem . Switching the HDMI input on my TV fixed the problem .

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Many thanks to Gabengingeers for your suggestion!

Hi @ekuntz47. Try this before you buy another Firestick:
Get an HDMI extension cable. You could be getting RF interference from your TV.

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Thanks! I never thought about the possibility of that!!!