Amazon Tablets are they worth it?

Are they really worth it? I am thinking of getting the 10, or 10+, only because the pre-black Friday prices are so cheap.

Hey @Powerfader
I’m thinking the same. I have an 8 (7th generation); but can’t quite decide how much I would really use it. I’m still thinking about it.

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I bought 2 older ones i believe the 7 for my kids for car rides.

And I do enjoy them but in Canada Amazon likes to block all google content and you have to install every single Google service independently and update them independently. That was a pain.

However once you debloat them and configure them they are pretty good. Like every Amazon product you must keep them clean cache and maintained to keep performing.

The battery isn’t that good after awhile but for the price it’s fine. It’s mainly used at bed or long car rides when the kids won’t shush.

If on sale go for it. Don’t buy full price.


I’ve got the 10 and turned it into an Android tablet with the Google Play store and all. Even before I did that I thought it was pretty good as stock. Definitely worth the price. Invaluable when flying on a plane and watching whatever you have downloaded. Or visiting family and watching IPTV in your lap when they want to watch something stupid lol.



Does the US version block Google? In Canada it seems to.

I picked up a cheap fire tablet last year to have a full time weather radar running and when not used for that as a stock/bitcoin tracker. Works well for that.

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Hi @Jayhawks659
I agree. I traveled a lot for work, they were great. I always take mine when we go to the in-laws (lol) because they always have something on I can’t stand to watch, plus I don’t get pulled into drama if I’ve got my earbuds on and staring at the screen (lol).
Thanks for the advice.


@TP-Dracoo this is what I followed. It worked about a year ago. I assume it still does.


I have a10hd and is well worth the price . Downloaded all the Google gadgets and works well in Canada .


I did it on my own, but yes that guide still works.

I was just generally curious if there was a difference between Canada and US versions.

My kids love the tablet.

Getting my wife one.

Of that, I have no idea.

You guys think about or maybe a better question might be, would it be worth rooting the device?
From what I’ve read, seems like a serious pain though to do, but……?

What’s the main benefit of rooting? Sometimes I do believe in “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” but not all the time lol.

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Rooting a device allows you to unlock hidden features and truly utilize the full potential of the unit.

Full customizing and able to uninstall all that os enabled bloatware that you can’t normally uninstall.

It also allows for all kinds of app install and widgets. But the fire tablet is more of a pain higher success or bricking than andriod. It also speeds up your device and unlocks more ram. (By being able to control what uses your hardware and ram)

Edit: the fire tablet can is better and easier to root than the firestick. There was improvements made to the software.

Anyways get one if it’s on sale.


I don’t use mine frequently enough to justify going through that whole process.

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“The whole process” isn’t all that difficult with the Fire Toolbox v 25.1. The earlier versions were a bit hit and miss on a few things. But this release has everything working like a top for me. I’ve thought about getting a 10 just to have a larger tablet. I love the 8+ as an Android based e-reader. But it might be nice to have a larger system for more video based apps. I wouldn’t think twice about using the Fire Toolbox to give me a nice, clean generic Android tablet and a very nice price.


Maybe I did do that. I can’t even remember lol. I use my tablet about once per month.