Amazon puts end to sideloading apps

With Amazons latest fire stick software update the “unknown sources” has been removed from settings, thus preventing side loading/jail breaking of fire stick.


Actually no it hasn’t. What they have done is make it unseen. This was a policy change due to customer complaints regarding problems with sideloading. So now you go to “my fire tv” in settings, then “about” then click on the name of the device 7 times and then developer options will appear. You will have to go back one panel to “about” and the Developer options will be there. Then turn on ADB debugging and now with FireTV OS 7 you will have to click on every app you want to allow loading of 3rd party apps.


Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.


Any time. One thing you can do is use the search which is the magnifying glass at the top of every page. These sorts of things have been extensively discussed and there are many posts with the info in them.
Have fun and STREAM ON.