Amazon prime and Ugoos A7

I’ve received my A7 yesterday, it’s still packaged i’m trying to return it because i’ve since found out that it’s not compatible, and without Prime for me it’s useless.
But lo and behold i’ve found a closed thread on here where someone say’s he has put Prime on his A7.

Can someone please confirm wether or not this can be done, I then don’t have to send it back, and can unpack it.

Don’t send it back. You could more easily sell it!

Btw, I would ask TXRon and 2 - 3 others on here that just got there’s.

Thanks bruv
I’ve managed to get Prime, Kodi, and Syncler on, but had to do it via my Mac though.
I now can’t install downloader or find a suitable Cinema HD

Oh and this remote is really flaky the wheel won’t scroll up or down and left or right.
i’m off now to try and install Surfshark :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yeah, I heard the remote was weird. Although, the guys on here said pairing it with Bluetooth was much better.

Reach out to TXRon on here and a couple of other guys who are raving about the Ugoos. I am more than certain they will be able help you out!

Btw, most like Syncler+ as their preferred movie and tv show app. Also, Strenio is another popular choice.

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being prime certified or lack there of is just a thank you from the respective companies for allowing their name to be on a button on the remote. :rofl: :crazy_face: :eyes:


Suggest you contact Ugoos customer service and ask them about this question. They are very good about getting back to their customers. I would expect there would be a way of getting Prime on your device. I don’t use Prime but have heard of others that do on Ugoos devices.

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Yea I cant really speak about prime either because I have a roku tv. I watch ota along with all the free roku channels on the roku platform everything else is on my ugoos box.


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