Amazon pay & real-debrid

i click 180 days, then amazon pay, amazon log-in page shows so i get no payment method on file. how do i get the amazon log-in page to the US? thanks

to clarify my post, i’m in the US and trying to buy 180 days of real-debrid using amazon pay. i select 180 days, i check the box agreeing to the 180 days, i click on amazon pay, the amazon log-in page address at the top shows i enter my log-in info(id & password) it comes back no payment method on file. amazon says it’s a RD problem, RD says it’s an amazon problem. any US amazon pay users tell me the proper procedure to get this to work. thank you for your help.

Open a separate browser window and go to then change the language on the page to English. Click the button on the top that says register (even though it really means login). Once logged in go to your payments and make sure everything is there. You will probably have to change the language each time a new page loads. Stay logged in and go back to real-debrid then try your payment again.

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