Amazon Metrics, how to remove

Saw it on firestick, can I remove it or does restore factory defaults help and then do I need to reload firestick, after turning off updates of course.

It’s like all the Amazon apps that are installed, like “shopping”, you can’t uninstall it.

It had not been there in the past, so is this a new update?

This is a new addition. It was first noticed, and has been reported on, about 2-3 weeks ago. I have it on my 4K Max. There isn’t any precise information regarding exactly what it does and it has the word “test” in the module title. From the research I did, it would appear that it has the ability to send usage info back to Amazon “to aid in customer Firestick problem diagnosis " while in contact with an Amazon customer agent, but also has the potential of being able to send back information regarding apps installed on the firestick and how they are used as well as how they interact with the Amazon code that is pre-installed. This is " to assist Amazon” to improve customer satisfaction. This is all pure speculation and there is no definitive explanation from Amazon and they are remaining tight lipped about precisely what these analytics do or don’t do.

Could this be to track which sites you visit and report on any illegal streaming you do?

It has the potential to send app usage and data to Amazon. As I mentioned, when they are directly confronted with the question as to exactly what this is or can do their answer presently, is that it is to help their agents troubleshoot issues with the Firestick and conflicts with non Amazon apps. Now none of that is official as it will take you a long time, as it did me, to find anything even remotely addressing analytics on the Firestick and what exactly it does, how and why.

Sounds they are collecting data so they have a defense. Wonder if this defeats your vpn by a back door
Wish i knew more


Oh you can believe I’m going to keep watch and try to find out more details. Time will tell.

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Everyone monitors and tracks data. Nobody is different.


I am concerned this is the new way to track and will defeat your vpn


Services and websites been doing this for years. I don’t think the metrics app it’s self tracks that. If your using a vpn while using these apps then you will be fine.

The pre installed apps don’t bypass the vpns… if your using “legal” services then dont worry about it. If amazon wanted you to not use them thru would block the ability to install them.

Use your vpn, you will be fine.


tnks am concerned that Amazon has been threatened by the paid services and this would be the way to track them.


To be fair amazon already knows whats installed on your device as its registered. That dont matter, if your using a vpn with these apps that may contain “illegal” content then a vpn should be on.

There really isnt a work around. If you are this concered switch to a generic box. What i mean is vpns work on virtually anything aside from paid services like netflix, prime and Disney plus…

If you use kodi syncler weyd stremio cinema or tivimate then your good with a vpn


I posted this before and while my solution was appreciated (Draco) it was suggested it might be more complicated than most are willing to attempt.

So I’m going to chime in again since it seems a lot of members are capable and willing to explore more complicated solutions.

Use a decent router with firewall capabilities. Block the updates, block the metrics, block whatever you want. Also consider running your VPN off the router if you can.

Then it won’t matter what Amazon does you’re not getting updates or anything else you don’t want.

Its what I ended up doing and now I could care less what Amazon does :slight_smile:

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