Amazon May Remove Android OS from Firestick/Fire TV

Yes they do. No actual info release from Amazon regarding this. Done on the sly. We just have to wait to see where this goes.

This is a complete Operating System so no it cannot update your present firestick.
However Amazon have already thought of that one with thier new Automatic offload, found in applications sub directory of the settings.

This just looks like they will, supposedly, offload any applications you have not used for a while and take up storage space
Being cynical I am assuming they will do this for side loaded apps first. After all they already track which apps have been used on an ongoing basis.

If you want security then don’t use Amazon, given they really do not care about your security in any of thier products, take Blink as a prime candidate for that.

On another note the ONN box in the UK is over twice the price it is in the USA, probably because the only source is Ebay.


You can turn off the offload feature if you want. The new Vega OS is linux based and the main reason for moving away from a heavily forked Google OS is because it’s become so heavily bloated and linux is much more compact and efficient, saving space and allowing for superior security against malware etc.

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I should have added you can turn that off, but given people may not know, it is a good point.

As regards Google OS (which is in itself Android), which is an abstraction layer sat on the Linux OS, then yes cutting out the layer will always make sense, when you have a software team that can create a tailored layer for your device.

However Android was intended to appeal to companies that could create something quickly and was compatible with many other devices. This in turn encouraged others to write apps that would in essence generate income for non-company writers.

This is the way forward for companies not wanting to let any other company have a say on their hardware and thus control the currency stream.

I guess it just like Apple having their software to go on Apple hardware.

I certainly won’t be buying any more Amazon hardware, given both thier lack of security and the propensity for changing things that are not added bonuses to thier customer base.

I think one of the main things that will delay the release of Vega will be the need for devs to switch gears and program their apps for linux. But they may get there one day. Google or FireOS they’re just the same when it comes to security and bloatware. None of it worries me I focus on a device and learn as much as I can and if it gets me what I want then I’m in. I’ve never had a problem with Amazon or google, unlike Windoze which I gave up a long time ago. Have a Merry Chistmas. :christmas_tree: :gift:

That’s my question also. I have a couple of fire sticks. I’m a side loader …

Like the present OS I doubt the ability to side load apps will be blocked. Amazon needs the developers to test apps on their devices. I doubt they’ll block a free pool of labour.

The new OS can still be given tiered access to user level sideload - only given with react native dev packages? I wonder if that’s a possibility?

Amazon is a company that never is content relying on someone else’s IP. Android has always been perceived as a gap fill until the can implement their own in-house OEM OS. They probably have to pay out license fees for every Android OS update and it doesn’t rub well for the bean counters.

Fire OS is still a forked version of Android 9. Current version of Android is 14.

Much of the success of Vega will ride on how easily they can leverage current and future devs, currently in their app store, to re-engineer current apps and future apps to work with Vega. Granted, if they leverage using the react native framework as a bridge for the transition, this may help their cause.

Regardless - this seems like a lot of investment and change for devices, especially their fire hardware, that doesn’t provide convincing enough bulletpoints to attract streamers anymore. There are other alternatives now where price point, user flexibility, and compatibility can be had - and it’s not titled Amazon.

For existing Fire owners, no changes will likely happen (or any time soon) to your devices - continue to enjoy what you’ve been used to. For future upgrades on your roadmap - just consider one of the other FS/TV alternatives until new Vega devices make enough of a convincing argument why you should jump in.

The key to Amazon’s success in this endeavor is Advertising! Amazon basically controls the narrative. Especially for inexperienced users. Amazon already has a huge base of sheeples. These people, for the most part, ONLY know Amazon and probably are not too interested in broadening their knowledge. They just want a simple and easy way to stream content. For these types, a one stop shop is all they want and need.

Think of the millions of Amazon users out there worldwide. To Amazon this change is to capture their base and make it more confusing for them to ditch the stick. It’s like a sports team changing the name of the club. Same club, different name, but the fans keep cheering on. Amazon hopes its fans continue to cheer on.

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