Amazon home screen

Can Amazon home screen on a 4k max interfere with other apps?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. In what way are you experiencing an issue?

They certainly could if it’s a rogue app from an unscrupolous developer. Then there’s malware, addware, spyware and you get the idea. Is there a certain app you are thinking of?

Run virus total and do a deep scan using defsquid

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can i ask a question…is defsquid an anti-virus product, along with all the other tools it comes with, or should i get the virus total Powerfader just mentioned, and is it part of the TP RAI, thanks for any help…

I use both. Defsquid has an AV module but Virus Total is a dedicated AV app. So I like to double check one against the other. Defsquid may show a positive result in a trusted app, and then I run a test with Virus Total on that app and see what the results are. I then do an internet search for the name of any found virus results. I know it seems like a lot of work, but I choose to do it for my own peace if mind.


good deal, i have been using only Defsquid thinking it was an AV, so i will be looking for the Virus Total today…thanks for ur quick response, i too don’t mind the work to get peace of mind…


I believe these just identify a virus. I don’t believe they clean them like an anti virus program would?

I think you’re right PF. Anything Defsquid found only gave me the option to delete, same with Virus Total. I don’t think any AV program “cleans” or removes any offending virus etc. but usually just quarantines the app into a “safe” folder where they can’t interact with the OS. Then you choose to delete it if you want.

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Is there such an animal that is an anti virus protection for an Android box? Something like Norton, etc…?

Yes. All the top AVs have a product for Android, including boxs. Avast, AVG, Trend Micro, to name a few.

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Have you used any of these?

I use to use Norton and MalwareBytes but let my sub for Norton drop as I use defsquid and when it finds anything I research and then delete the app when anything is found.

So with Defsquid and VirusTotal both installed, everything should be fairly safe. I have a vpn, a paid IPTV service, I dont record anything (for now anyway!) -download or visit any torrent sites, basicly I just watch tv. But if a AV was deemed nessesary and used, that would effect overall performance of video, correct?

@Miki @Powerfader @itzme
The two apps do not fix anything, is that right? After exiting a stream on Kodi, the 4k max loses it’s steady stream where vid and audio stutter. Any app out there for diagnosing problem?

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