Amazon Firestick Sale - Great Discounts!

Amazon is running some great discounts right now on Fire TV devices! These prices are as low as we’ve seen from Amazon outside of Prime Day and Black Friday.


I also saw that Home Depot in the states has the Max for $40.
Tx Troy. I’ve been trying for weeks and never could find a link that allowed me to puchase, always got the "unavailable " notice. So this is great.

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Yeah who would have thought home Depot would have the 4K Max firestick for $39.99 what a deal.

Banggood has the mecool km6 for about $105, way under amazons 150ish :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know eh. That’s such a great deal imho.

Cheaper than the mothership! go figure

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I still like the $19.88 ONN box at Walmart.

Unfortunately I can’t get the Onn. So for now $35 for a Max is great.

If you wait until after Thanksgiving, the price might be around $25 for the Firestick 4K.

Got mine from them for $90 :shushing_face:

I bought 6 and they cost me $75 ea when they first came out. Ouch.

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How do you get the FS discount? Does Amazon have a warehouse, in Mexico?

I have tried to get Bee TV, on the ONN and the FS and keep getting an APP that won’t pass the DefSquid scan it is not false positive. The first time I did run when DS said suspicious and there was a problem when I interrupted a move after about 5 minutes. It tried to get me to install TicTock.

Any app trying tictoc you need to delete immediately. I have numerical codes for BeeTV if you have Downloader installed.
Oh and I don’t get the FS discount unless someone buys them for me and brings them down. Don’t forget, not all firesticks are created equal. The best programming is installed on the .com sticks. Then .ca and then .mx are different and many apps are not available and some can’t even be installed.

The apps that try to install other software are often refered to as mods. Try Mikis codes.

I just downloaded BeeTV on 9696000 Unlinked & it too didn’t pass on DefSquid. Hopefully, Miki’s Downloader codes fare better :crossed_fingers:

I have 2
50187 or 82614
These are downloader codes
Ok now I downloaded both and they scan as malicious.

Yep…same for moi’…if I were @rjwinkler I’d definitely go for a different movie app.

BTW…PGA tourney is on ESPN

Yes it is thank you.

I was going to review it, since there were many users using it.

I did don’t work. Tried everything, got same bad APP.

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