Amazon fire stick

can anyone please help , I cannot access my settings on my amazon Fire stick ,

Welcome to the community. Not sure what you mean. When you select Settings at the the top right of the screen, what happens?

hi Bennie , absolutely nothing , it looks like its going to do something but just stops , will not go to the next step
thanks for the reply

Try restarting the Firestick. I haven’t had that happen to me. If anybody else can help, please speak up.

Try unplugging the stick from power source for a few seconds and then reconnecting it .

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hi ttoldens , done that already but thank you for your response

Try rebooting modem/router and firestick.

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will do , thanks for the help , really appreciate it

As with any Amazon product, the first thing to do when experiencing problems, is to disconnect it, the fire stick or firetv, from the TV and all wiring, for about 10 seconds. Allow it to reset, then reconnect. This works 90% of the time.

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It might be your power source. This happened to me while I was experimenting with connecting a SSD drive inline with my stick. I learned the stick needs amps.