Am I the only who couldn't get NFL on the CREW Sunday?

No NFL games available on CREW at 1300EST Sunday?

No suprise, Crew and Kodi not reliable for Tv. use the free sports sites if you search on here or Troypoint with your browser or get Tivimate and iptv service.


Never had a problem with The Crew before. Wondering if the system was over loaded or something. Several links popped up but done would open?

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Your probably exactly right, too many people trying to access the feeds. That’s been the norm here lately with The Crew. If you want to try another add on then The Loop is said to be a good one or just use USTVGO or one of them on your browser

I couldn’t get it to work either. Also had no luck with Mad Titan. I was quite surprised.

Welcome to the community. As a newer user please use the search as this is a common issue/problem.

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