All streams in Kodi 20 except for movies and tv shows stops and returns to that categories main menu after 2 minutes since February 5, 2023

All streams in Kodi 20 except for movies and tv shows stops and returns to that categories main menu after 2 minutes since February 5, 2023 on my ONN device with Android TV. Have you experienced this problem or know someone who has and do you have any suggestions on how to fix this without me reinstalling Kodi and losing my custom build…

If you are using kodi for free streams and not using Real debrid thats why.

Make sure your real debrid is up-to-date.
Re authorize your account on the app/apk you are using
Delete your devices in real-debrids website and re add them
Make sure they are added in real debrid.

These steps are a must and will solve the issue 9 out of 10 times. Also check real debrids Twitter for status updates.

Please use our search.

That works for IPTV? …because when I’m watching cable channels that is when it happens. I can stream movies and tv shows just fine.

Free IPTV from Kodi?

Real debrid does not work with iptv… different thing. Make sure you are not running out of memory and you are cleaning your cache too.

That’s what I thought… and I did all that…

There are addons that has that feature…

My post was more of an answer than a question. The IPTV on Kodi is not reliable, because it is…well free. If you are streaming VOD with a premium Real Debrid just fine, but the free stuff isn’t working, that unfortunately is the wonderful (or not wonderful) world of non-premium Kodi.

Yeah I get that but if I haven’t had this problem until last week and I use different IPTV services and with each use of them I experience the same result each time, something else is going on like a bug in the programming of the new update or a virus maybe…

I’m not saying it isn’t possible. Have you used Virus Total to scan the box? My point with the Kodi IPTV is that they keep shutting down the free sources that make some of these free channels possible. If you are looking for IPTV, I highly recommend looking into a more trustworthy way to view it.

Also, what VPN are you using?

Okay, this isnt kodi then… you should talk to your iptv provider. Otherwise kodi free stuff isnt reliable

yes to Virus Total… I know what you mean a recent example would be USTVGO.

Dracoo, earlier I think I read a post from you about changing the VPN protocol to TCP… well I just recently did that and I’m not experiencing any issues right now but before I say the problem is fixed I need to run some more tests…

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That’s why I wondered what your VPN was. If it is Nord, then this issue is all over the place. So bad, people are dropping Nord. Hopefully the protocol trick helps for now.

(But my recommendation for a more reliable IPTV source still remains lol)

yes it is Nord… I’m testing now, so soon I will know whether or not the problem is fixed or not… I will let you know.

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You two are life savers and awsome!!! changing the VPN protocol to TCP fixed the problem… thank you so much to whomever posted the solution that I read earlier and that you posted in the past. I’m filled with joy and thanks again…

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