All apks running slow

All of my APK the running very slow. Whether I try Cinema, Unlock my TTV, Titanium, or others, it takes 10 to 15 times the amount of time for them to show up on the screen and move from screen to screen. Any ideas?

reboot your router and if using a firestick or cube reboot those also.


Also, on a firestick if not using SD MAID as your cleaner then go to settings and in APPLICATIONS select MANAGED INSTALLED APPLICATIONS than proceed to click on each APP and then select CLEAR CACHE what this does is clear all apps, Then force stop the app, all apps open will run in background until forced stopped, i have SD MAID set up to clean every three days without rebooting the system, therefore, maintenance is always being done eliminating any possible issues, and always once a week PREFORM A POWER CYCLE, pull the power on firestick and then pull power on modem and router wait 5 to 10 minutes the power up all again. IN SETTINGS SELECT DEVICE & SOFTWARE check to see what your storage is and remove unwated apps if needed to free up space / also check for updates as well while in there .

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Thanks for the great advice. How do I download SD Maid please?

Troypoint rapid app installer has what you need.
Also, you can use “es file explorer” to clean boxes and sticks. Open the app then on the left hand side select “Tools”, then select “cleaner” than on the right hand side select all the boxes with numbers in them than on the bottom of screen select clean now.