Addons--clones, forks & players

I’d like to see articles, charts, or perhaps a continuing series or wiki for addon clones and forks, including availability, comparisons and player and setup information. (And what is the difference between a clone and a fork?) A lot of times you will have several forks/clones of an addon, often because it becomes unavailable, like Venom (Kingpin [which itself now looks unavailable], Loonatic, Empire, Wutu, etc.). Sometimes, it seems, that the only differences are artwork plus where the addons are being hosted, but other times there are changes in maintenance, development, scrapers, settings, etc. One big difference is in TMDB players for these versions, which are sometimes in the standard list, available only elsewhere (Loonatics Empire), or apparently unavailable anywhere (Wutu, perhaps 9 Lives). It would be good to know where the various players can be downloaded or how to set them up yourself when configuring TMDB helper players.

Well at least now I know why I haven’t been able to connect to Wilson-fisk repo. Thanks :grin:

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