Addon browser - versions

My wife and I use what seems to be the same setup on both our NVidia shield pro systems, with Kodi 19.4 and the same version of the Amber skin. When I open an addon in the addon browser of my wife’s machine, the list of buttons (run, enable, configure, etc.) includes Version. When I open it on mine, Version is not included. I have tried enabling and disabling the Versioncheck addon in the Kodi repository but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Does anybody have any idea why the two different results, and what I can do to add Version to the buttons on my system?

Just a guess is that you need to go back to the Estuary skin and then you’ll be able to activate it from the settings tabs.

Thanks! That works, so I can get to the versions button by switching to the from Amber to Estuary. I used to be able to get to it directly in the Amber skin, so there must be a setting for it somewhere,
but I can’t figure out what it was.

Yes, it’s in the main settings in Estuary. There’s a lot so might take a minute to find, and you always need to hit okay or it won’t save your settings. Glad it helped

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